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Former California Governor Jerry Brown Stokes His Climate-Change Backfire
Jerry Brown has been on the quiet side since he left office, but raging fires across the state have smoked out the hereditary, recurring governor. As he told Politico, this was “only a taste of the horror and terror that will occur in decades,” in “America, in Africa, in Canada.” For Brown, a three-time...
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California Air Resources Board Evades Public Oversight
Whatever Mary Nichols is trying to hide can’t be good for California taxpayers.
Jerry Brown Appointee Allows Bail for Triple Manslaughter Suspect
Californians have to wonder about David Ashby’s performance in a recent felony DUI and triple manslaughter case.
Can California’s Next Governor Gain Victory over Revenue Volatility?
The incoming governor claims “volatility is our enemy”.
A Disarming New Governor Greets a More Dangerous State
Gavin Newsom pledges to “raise the bar” on gun control.
Law of the Land: Feds Can Sell to Private Developers
Farmers, ranchers, and developers support more sales of federal land.
Proposition 47 Backstory to Mac Attacks?
Prop 47’s reduction in penalties incentivises criminals.
Elimination of Cash Bail Bulks Up Government 
Taxpayers can be forgiven for seeing the bail “reform” as another payoff to government employee unions.
WaterFix Tunnels Deeper Hole for Taxpayers
Governor Brown’s legacy project will likely spike in cost.
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