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There’s “Hope” for Reducing the Federal Debt
A Modest Proposal for Shrinking Big Government
I Now Report Sightings of Shovel-Ready Projects
Dr. Emily Skarbek Talks about the Government Cost Calculator on Taking Back America
MyGovCost’s Government Cost Calculator: Buzz Begins!
Robert Higgs Interviewed: The Expanding Pork for Military Pay and Towns
Romer’s Research: Expiration of Bush Tax Cuts Will Be Highly Contractionary
“The Biggest Threat We Have to Our National Security Is Our Debt”
Obama’s “Spending Freeze” is Complete Fraud: Locks in 20% Higher Spending
Saturday Night Live Lampoons Obama
Masters or Slaves?
Anti-Big-Government DC Demonstration Draws Huge Crowd: “Don’t Tread on Me”
Onion News Network: U.S. Stages Fake Coup to End National Debt
Federal Reserve Cannot Account for $9 Trillion
Onion News Network on “Green” Recall of All U.S. Currency
Too Close for Comfort
It Would Be Cheaper to Fight World War II Again
Not to Worry
CBO Report: U.S. Will Go to Hell in 2009

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