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Oakland City Employees Make Big Bank
In February 2019, Oakland was facing a two-year budget deficit of $43 million, with the city’s expenditures rising far faster than its revenues.
Why Aren’t Consumer-Driven Health Plans More Popular?
In a recent post I discussed new evidence that so-called consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) reduce health spending one-eighth among employer-sponsored group plans run by national health insurance companies. CHDPs are defined as High-Deductible Health Plans coupled with Health Savings Accounts (or Health Reimbursement Arrangements). These plans became available in 2005. However, they appear to...
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The Business Case for Health Insurance Is Weakening
Boeing, the giant aerospace concern, has been cutting out the middle-man for health benefits: In another sign of growing frustration with rising health costs, aerospace giant Boeing Co. has agreed to contract directly for employee benefits with a major health system in Southern California, bypassing the conventional insurance model. The move, announced Tuesday, marks...
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Why Employer Benefit Costs Are Rising Slowly
Aon Hewitt, a leading actuarial consulting firm, has reported extremely good news about the cost of employee benefits: 2015 Records Lowest U.S. Health Care Cost Increases in Nearly 20 years – Rate of increase was 3.2% – Average health care cost per employee topped $11,000 – Employees’ share of health care costs have increased...
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