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Diversity Rankings Hold Deep Meaning for the University of California, the State, and the Nation
Californians passed the California Civil Rights Initiative, Proposition 209 in 1996. Opponents argued that the measure would end minority representation, but that turned out to be wrong. 
Federal Agency Blames Diversity, Ignores Cause of Deadly 2017 Amtrak Derailment
As this case confirms, the NTSB is basically a historian of accidents and contributes little if anything to public safety.
Should Trump Block Federal Funds from Universities that Deny Free Speech?
President Trump announced plans for an executive order that would deny federal research funds to universities that do not support free speech.
University of California Still Bulking Up on Diversity Bureaucrats
The vice chancellor for diversity, equity, and inclusion position is completely unnecessary and defies California law.
Race-Based Admissions: Critical Mass Standard Is a Massive Mess in Texas
When is a quota not a quota? That seems to be the burning question in the latest Supreme Court case on race-based college admissions. It’s also a problem of the Court’s own making. Twenty-two year old Abigail Fisher claims she was denied admission to the University of Texas at Austin because she is white....
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Will Layoffs be based on Diversity?
In recent weeks, the USA Today and National Public Radio have crowed that this recession is different: most of those losing jobs were men (and predominantly white). This is “encouraging” according to these news outlets. Why is it good? Because a majority of the workforce is now made up of women; and blacks have...
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Freedom from Fear: Crime and the Diversity Hustle
By now, most Americans have watched the newscast on the brutal killing of Chicago honors student Derrion Albert. FDR made “freedom from fear” one of his Four Freedoms. Many Chicago students flee to my rural university to secure “freedom from fear.” They escape gang violence and the prospect of ending up in jail. They...
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Credentialism and Civil Rights in Higher Education
Over at my FreeU blog, devoted to higher education issues, I posted a column on “Credentialism and Civil Rights in Higher Education.” The dirty little secret of the “diversity” industry is that it doesn’t produce the results: blacks are still graduating at rates far below whites and Asians—and now a college degree is needed for...
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