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The Republican Advantage That’s Easy to See but Nobody Notices »

Does color, on a subconscious level, affect who we vote for?

Florida Becomes First State to Offer Student Safety Scholarships »

No parent should have to play “Mother, may I” with the state or federal government to enroll their child in a school they think is safe.

Some Thoughts on Arming Teachers »

Teachers are not law enforcement officers, and as civilians under attack, they should not be expected to confront a shooter, and would almost surely be ineffective if they tried.

Commonsense Firearm Regulation »

Are there any gun regulations that would actually work?

Trump: The State of Our Union Is Strong »

What did you make of Trump’s State of the Union?

Trump: Invest in the United States »

His words say, invest in America. His actions say otherwise.

Sacramento Should Celebrate National School Choice Week with Bold, Student-Centered Thinking »

California’s current education system, which largely rations education based on where a child’s parents can afford to live, is a relic of a bygone era.

Progressive Democracy »

The ideology of Democracy legitimizes the actions of democratic government by validating them as being approved by the people.

Iranian Unrest »

As I read about the demonstrations in Iran, my thoughts turn to conversations I’ve had with Iranian citizens over the past several years.

A Reconsideration of “The Personal Is Political” »

“The personal is political” is a slogan that has been around for a long time, used especially though not exclusively by radical feminists. In practice it has served as an exhortation that people make ideology the sole dimension of their personal identity, that they set aside all other bases on which to evaluate their...
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