Tag: Politics

Identity Groups: Am I Eligible for This Award? »

Diversity of ideas should be considered when discussing “diversity”.

Political Tribalism »

Easing tribalism giving way to political division.

Polarizing Ideology »

With polarization has come intolerance: people abandon their friends and family when they seem to have the wrong political views.

Political Capitalism »

The real threat to free markets lies in the regulatory state.

Two Worlds—Politics and Everything Else »

The blight of politics casts a shadow over daily life.

California Parents Need Educational Choices, Not Court Battles »

Expanding education options through education savings accounts would help students and taxpayers alike.

I Hope Russia Wins »

We’re not talking about the World Cup here, but Russia’s challenge to Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs.

Wishful Thinking on Fake News »

Bryan W. Van Norden argues that the ignorant do not have a right to an audience.

SCOTUS Ruling on Sales Tax a Gift for In-State Retailers »

Special interest politics is behind the Supreme Court’s decision.

Seattle Strives to Be More Like Detroit »

The city of Seattle attempts to grapple with the crisis of economic prosperity.

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