Tag: Politics

Polarizing Ideology »

With polarization has come intolerance: people abandon their friends and family when they seem to have the wrong political views.

Political Capitalism »

The real threat to free markets lies in the regulatory state.

Two Worlds—Politics and Everything Else »

The blight of politics casts a shadow over daily life.

California Parents Need Educational Choices, Not Court Battles »

Expanding education options through education savings accounts would help students and taxpayers alike.

I Hope Russia Wins »

We’re not talking about the World Cup here, but Russia’s challenge to Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs.

Wishful Thinking on Fake News »

Bryan W. Van Norden argues that the ignorant do not have a right to an audience.

SCOTUS Ruling on Sales Tax a Gift for In-State Retailers »

Special interest politics is behind the Supreme Court’s decision.

Seattle Strives to Be More Like Detroit »

The city of Seattle attempts to grapple with the crisis of economic prosperity.

The Fight for Freedom Must Continue Post-Janus »

Any day now the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule in Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the outcome of which will have major implications.

New Poll Suggests Lessons Teachers Unions Should Remember in November »

A growing number of parents may be voting with their feet this fall by taking advantage of Arizona’s expansive educational choice programs.

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