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Interesting Perspective

Norm Ormstein, AEI scholar and writer of most of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Law (2002), has an interesting observation relating to the success of non-establishment candidates in GOP primaries. “Out go the country-club Republicans like Mitt Romney, in come the grass-roots revolutionaries like Sarah Palin...America just became a lot more ungovernable than it already...
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Florida’s tax structure is a factor in LeBron James’ decision. They call it LeBronomics!

The Real World . . .

. . . is led by people like this volunteer fire chief, who spearheaded an “illegal” collective action to protect their territory from possible ruination from the oil spill. One of many great bits in the article: When he first began gathering resources, county officials told him he was blowing things out of proportion,...
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Property and Plunder, circa 2010

As if to demonstrate the Bastiat thesis in American human terms is this news of a Federal Air Marshal who (allegedly) raped an escort in between looking for terrorists on domestic air flights. After he (allegedly) misrepresented his government position, wielded his government-issued handgun, and raped the working girl, he then took back the...
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It Is About Power and Fear

I had missed Anthony Gregory’s great post here when I wrote my piece for Lew a few days ago—but it seems everyone is noticing that it is about power—and fear—their fear of losing power! Government resources will be directed at those “enemies” foreign and domestic that threaten the guys in power. What I’m discovering...
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C-SPAN Archives, and How Government Does it

Drudge linked to news that C-SPAN is making their entire archives available online —this is good stuff, and kudos to Brian Lamb for his outstanding vision. On the other hand, Drudge is not linking or reporting articles about Michael Furlong, the Senior Executive Service guy who has been hiring contractors to go and “do”...
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Mitt warns against “Independent” Thinking

Good ole Mitt “has urged the Tea Party leaders not to be quite so independent minded”, cautioning them not to mount direct electoral challenges outside the GOP establishment. I guess Romney will be running for President on the Anti-Change platform, against Obama’s “Really, I mean it this time Change” platform. Decisions, decisions.

Census Forms Hand Delivered?

This afternoon, a government employee drove out to our house (12 miles from town on a dirt road, back a long muddy driveway) to hand deliver a census form. I asked him why they didn’t mail it (surely it cost the government more than 44 cents to get him out here in his SUV)....
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General Odierno tells the truth...

. . . and he didn’t even realize it. While much of what we hear from the military bureaucracy about progress in the various wars is simply not true, when Odierno was asked about a change in the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, he was caught off guard and a small tidbit of truth...
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