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Hotel California: Paychecks and Pensions, but No Pink Champagne or Full Parental Choice »

Welcome to the 21st century Hotel California. The number of Los Angeles Unified School District teachers warehoused in administrative offices, also referred to as “rubber rooms,” for alleged misconduct has doubled in the past 18 months to nearly 300 according to the LA Daily News. The cost is staggering: $1.4 million a month just…
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Obama’s Mandate; Republican Disarray; The Fiscal Cliff »

After President Obama’s reelection he was quick to claim his victory as a mandate on his “tax the rich” campaign platform. Meanwhile, there was much talk about the Republican party being in disarray after Romney’s defeat. Neither of those conclusions are correct. Romney ran a competitive campaign despite lukewarm support among many Republicans, but…
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Assad Is a Monster, But. . . »

If the Obama administration steps up involvement in Syria and sends boots on the ground to support the rebels, Washington will be siding with forces reportedly responsible for this: A rebel mortar attack on a school outside Damascus on Tuesday killed 29 people, Syria’s state news agency SANA said. According to the report, 28…
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