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The Next U.S. President and Latin America »

Since the end of the Cold War, Latin America has hardly featured in U.S. presidential campaigns. The waning 2012 campaign has not been an exception. That said, Gov. Mitt Romney made a few references to Latin America in the debates but Obama let them pass without the slightest hint of curiosity. In the foreign…
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Obama Beneficiaries Are Top Obama Campaign Donors »

This “no surprise here” story in the San Francisco Chronicle shows that Silicon Valley, broadly defined as four Bay Area counties, has now surpassed New York City as the top source for Obama campaign contributions, providing a staggering $14,703,167 to his current reelection campaign, as against New York City’s “mere” $14,529,760. If we, as…
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Is Government Provision the Answer? (Part II) »

This blog entry picks up where Part I left off. For more details, please see my book, Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis. Can Government Can Use Its Power as a Single Buyer to Suppress Providers’ Fees? There are five problems with this. First, we don’t buy healthcare in a national market. We buy locally….
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