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What Crusaders for Liberty Are Up Against »

If you were setting out to organize a crusade to “restore the American Republic” or some such, you would need to know what sort of people you are trying to enlist in your movement. I have drawn up two short lists to assist you. Fourteen things in which many Americans have an interest: shirking…
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Adios, Amigos »

I had a weird dream the other day. Immigration, which is in a downward spiral in the U.S., continues to fall dramatically. At a certain point the debate shifts to the desperate need to attract foreigners. Eventually, headlines such as “a million immigrant visas to be granted on a first come, first serve basis…
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Roberts Was Influenced by the “Greenhouse Effect” »

There has been all sorts of speculation on the web about whether or when Chief Justice Roberts switched his vote to join the liberals in upholding the mandate. Jan Crawford of Face the Nation has a good article on the switch based on some insider sources. It does seem to indicate that Roberts cared about…
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