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See For Greater Glory »

Of special interest to all freedom lovers is the sweeping, new, epic, independent film directed by Dean Wright, written by Michael Love and starring Andy Garcia, For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada, that has just been released in theaters across the U.S. This story is one with particular interest to Garcia, the…
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Axioms of Political Geometry »

1. Straight talk cannot get a politician from a current point A to the point B at which he really wishes to arrive. 2. To extend a growth-of-government line, project it indefinitely in a line straight to hell. 3. To describe how politicians approach the real solution to a social or economic problem, trace…
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Peaceful Scottish Secession in the Works »

News reports inform us that members of the Scottish Parliament have for the first time voted in favor of Scotland becoming independent. Here is a snippet from the Stornoway Gazette: First Minister Alex Salmond hailed the vote, by 69 to 52, as a “milestone” in the country’s history. He also revealed that 15,000 people…
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