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Cessation of Labor Force Growth since 2008 »

The United States has a long history of population growth and concomitant labor force growth. As the chart below shows, the number of men in the civilian labor force (men either working in paid employment or actively seeking work) increased fairly steadily over the past half-century—at least, until the onset of the current recession. For the…
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Warren Buffett: “Lower My Taxes!” »

Warren Buffett has recently made headlines by saying that the rich — people like him — should be taxed more. But as I noted before, he went to court to dispute taxes the IRS said he owed, rather than just pay what the government said was, if not his fair share, at least his…
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Class Action Abuse and the Movies »

I got a chuckle out of the latest class action foolishness to come from the American bar. The Manchester Guardian has this report on the great wrong done to Joshua Thompson and the millions of movie-goers he represents. How has he been wronged? Thompson says he paid $8 for a Coke and a packet…
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