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Drone Follies »

There is increasing concern that government surveillance drones will undermine privacy. Then there is the safety concern: Consider the police drone that crashed into a sheriff’s tank during training. This really is the kind of state the U.S. has become: One in which there is no real expectation of privacy from the government. First…
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Federal District Court Strikes Down Maryland’s Restrictive Concealed-Carry Law »

U.S. District Judge Benson E. Legg, sitting in Maryland, has issued a ruling (Wollard v. Sheridan) in an interesting Second Amendment case. The State of Maryland requires applicants for concealed carry permits to demonstrate a “good and substantial reason” to carry the gun. Wollard wanted a permit because his home had been broken into, he…
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Reasons to Rethink Electric Cars »

Here are a few good reasons to think about just how much more federal money ($5 billion and counting) should be poured into subsidizing electric cars: A new study from the University of Tennessee finds that electric cars cause worse pollution in China than standard gas-burning cars. The bottom line is that one has…
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