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New Rasmussen Poll on Presidential Race »

As America heads toward “Super Tuesday” on March 6th in which primaries or caucuses will be held in ten states, the Christian Science Monitor reports in “Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head” that the influential Rasmussen Poll has released its latest findings of the views of likely voters in which the four…
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The State of African American History Month »

If it’s the case that we study history in order to learn from it, let’s pause to consider the story of 13-year old Jada Williams on this final day of African American History Month. When she was recently assigned to read and write an essay on the autobiography of Frederick Douglass, the message of…
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Filing a Complaint With the Police Department »

It’s made very difficult to do, and the attempt can get you arrested. You will be intimidated and asked for your papers merely for asking for a form. This is where the state is closest to the people—the local police—and yet some people still think government is more responsive to the people than business.