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The Statist of the Union »

Unsurprisingly, President Obama’s campaign speech masquerading as the routine address to Congress, spelled out in the Constitution and known as the State of the Union, was saturated with every prevalent form of modern American statism—protectionism, corporate-liberal socialism, nationalism, and militarism. In a couple areas, however, he was particularly bold in his statist proposals. Obama…
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The Fed’s Inflation Target »

The Federal Reserve has announced what appear to be inconsistent policy targets for the upcoming year. The Fed says they want to keep interest rates low at least through 2013, meaning a continuation of easy money policy, and has also announced that their inflation target is 2%. The inflation rate for 2011 was 3.2%….
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Obama’s Prosperity-Killing Protectionism »

I often disagree with Matthew Yglesias, but I found myself cheering when I read parts of his Slate column on President Obama’s State of the Union Speech. The president’s stated wish to protect domestic jobs by hindering trade is, Yglesias writes, “a strikingly retrograde, self-contradictory, and confused agenda of reviving American prosperity through mercantilism.”…
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