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Every Single Day, Every Word You Say, I’ll Be Watching You »

The Department of Homeland Security has declared its intention to gather personal data on journalists or others who might use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.” I suppose that would include those of us at the Independent Institute who blog, tweet, and update Facebook. New…
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New Book Examines the History and Folly of Bank Bailouts »

No issue during the recent financial crisis aroused more passion than the bailouts of large banks and other financial institutions. Polls conducted during the peak of the crisis in September 2008 revealed that the American public overwhelmingly objected to the bailouts. Yet, although numerous books and articles have reported on the crisis, few have…
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Ban State College and University Employees From the State Legislature? »

Florida State Senator John Thrasher has introduced a bill into the Florida legislature that would ban state college and university employees from being state legislators. As a professor myself, I found Thrasher’s bill interesting (but I assure you I have no inclination to run for any government office). Senator Thrasher’s concern is that legislators…
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