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It’s Housing, Stupid! Parallels Between the 1920s and the 2000s »

In response to my recent essay “Obama and Hoover: Two ‘Smart’ (Stupid) Presidents”, one commenter did me the service of rehashing the old myths about the 1920s and the causes of the depression and how Herbert Hoover did little, FDR did a lot and Hoover has nothing in common with “Wonder Boy” Obama. (Coolidge…
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Obama’s New Low »

The president’s approval rating on the economy has dipped to a record low. Seventy-one percent disapprove, according to Gallup. His overall rating has fallen from above 50% to around 40% in just three months. Fifty-five percent disapprove of his management of the Afghanistan war. Obama has tried to attribute the persistent economic slump, which…
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