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Church Leaders in Alabama and Georgia Lead Fight Against Harsh Anti-Illegal Immigration Legislation »

Christians in Alabama and Georgia are stepping forward to defend undocumented immigrants against harsh new laws aimed against them. The new Alabama law—widely considered the nation’s most restrictive state law against illegal immigration—prohibits, among other provisions, providing transportation to illegal immigrants, requires schools to check the immigration status of students and report their findings…
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The Glorious Failure of a Big Business »

Of capitalism’s condemned features, perhaps leftists complain most of all about the profits, seemingly growing without relent, accumulated in the hands of an established corporate elite. The rich get rich and the poor get poorer. Putting aside the second part of the last sentence, the concept of the rich getting richer is especially striking….
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Europeans’ Thoughts on the Greek Bailout »

I’ve been to a few economics conferences in Europe the past few months, and it has given me the opportunity to talk with some European economists about the Greek bailout. I only talked with a few people, and they were all economists, so I wouldn’t generalize to say they are representative, but I did…
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