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Out of the Mouths of Bureaucrats »

Any day now I’m going to be accused of being a one-note blogger, but the TSA is just providing too much material to pass up. (Just for the record, I’m also known to post on Regime Uncertainty, education, the Census, and other issues.) Case in point: the TSA’s own blog, where “Blogger Bob”—presumably the…
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Do TSA Scanners Cause Cancer? »

As previously posted, scientists from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)—including a nationally-respected cancer expert and members of the National Academy of Scientists—are seriously concerned that they do, and now TSA union reps in Boston have cited a “cancer cluster” among TSA workers there. The Electronic Privacy Information Center has obtained documents under the…
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A Bright Idea in Congress »

Perhaps if I only blog about the positive developments in politics it will save time. Well, here we go. House Republicans are pushing to preclude the government from banning incandescent light bulbs. This is an idea I can get behind. Incandescent bulbs are a glorious thing. They bring light, the essence of civilization, into…
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