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Cluelessness Continues at the TSA »

In further support of Sen. Rand Paul’s challenge to TSA head John Pistole that the TSA is “clueless,” TSA agents have recently added humiliating a 29-year-old “special needs” adult (pictured at right) and a 95-year-old cancer patient to their less-than-stellar record of profiling. Yesterday, the TSA defended its patdown of 95-year-old cancer patient forced…
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Video Games, the 1st Amendment, and the Trouble with Incorporation »

The Supreme Court has just overturned a California ban on violent video game sales to minors in a decision penned by conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Clarence Thomas dissented, saying the First Amendment was never meant to apply absolutely to distribution of ideas to children. I have a big problem with his reasoning. Certainly,…
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