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Heaven Help Us All: TSA Union Vote Ends Today »

It’s not a question of “If,” but “Which” union TSA employees will soon use as their armed representative against taxpayers and as protection against travelers who haven’t yet fully resigned themselves to treatment worthy of the Gestapo or KGB. From the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) “Welcome TSA Employees” web page urging TSA employees…
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War on Terror Is Bad for Economy »

President Obama’s Jobs and Competitiveness Council released five “fast-action” recommendations for things the government can do that will result in 1 million jobs on a near-term basis. Among the ideas was: Boost jobs in travel and tourism. This industry is one of America’s largest employers, but the United States has lost significant market share….
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The TSA: A (Minor?) Complaint »

There is lots to be concerned about regarding the way the TSA is trampling on our constitutional rights. So, my complaint here may seem minor within the context of all of the TSA’s activities. But… Last night I was on my way home to Tallahassee, flying through Atlanta, as I often do. Prior to…
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