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Hayek versus the 2010 Healthcare and Financial Industry Reforms »

Friedrich Hayek, the Nobel-prize-winning Austrian economist (and now YouTube sensation), upheld economic competition and opposed government policies that reduced it. In his surprise bestseller, The Road to Serfdom, he argued that central planning would undermine competition, hamper the economy, and lead to pressures for more and more measures that would enhance the power of…
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How to Garner Support for a War »

Start one. The day before Obama bombed Libya, 3/4 of Americans opposed U.S. intervention. Today, 60% of Americans favor it. A whopping shift of about 35%—meaning more than a third of Americans changed their minds about U.S. intervention, once the bombs began falling. Surreal.

War’s Unbelievable Price Tag »

Operation Odyssey Dawn—the bizarrely named military attack upon Libya—is a relatively small war. It is only because of this that Obama partisans are getting away with not calling it a war at all. It is indeed tiny compared to the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It pales in comparison to the great U.S. wars…
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A Harvard First that the University Rarely Touts »

In 1943, a team of chemists at Harvard University led by Louis Fieser produced napalm, and thereby beat out competing teams at DuPont and Standard Oil in a government competition for its development. Like many scientists who have worked on weapons development for the government, Fieser was unapologetic, even when the U.S. military’s use of…
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