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WikiLeaks: A Litmus Test That All Too Many Fail »

The furor over WikiLeaks provides another good acid test to determine how well a given journalist, commentator, or politician understands the issues of liberty and the role of government in a constitutional system. On Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch this Monday, Scott Horton discussed the importance of the latest WikLeaks “dump,” what it tells us…
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TSA: What Would Rosa Parks Do? »

Today marks the 55th anniversary of Rosa Parks’s refusal to move to the back of the bus. As she explained in her book, Quiet Strength: Our mistreatment was just not right, and I was tired of it. Institutionalized by racist laws and upheld by racist governments, especially across the American South, such humiliations were…
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Virginia District Court Upholds Obamacare »

Yesterday, Judge Norman K. Moon in Liberty University v. Geithner, upheld Obamacare’s controversial provision requiring Americans to purchase health insurance. This provision is based on Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce Judge Moon held that “there is a rational basis for Congress to conclude that individuals’ decisions about how and when to pay for…
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