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That Portland Terror Plot »

Once again, the FBI encourages someone to commit a terrorist attack, sets him up with the weapon, and stops him just in time, thank goodness. Just as before, we are told over and over that the crime was in no real danger of being carried out, and yet we are supposed to thank the…
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If the Government Does X, It Is Called Y »

Young people and foreigners who are unfamiliar with the conduct of public affairs in the United States sometimes have difficulty in decoding the rhetoric used to describe government actions in this country. As a public service to such political novices, I have drawn up a brief guide whose entries match a particular government action,…
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Be Patriotic! Cheat! Spend! »

In a recent post, Ashley Thorne discusses “Lessons of a Professional Paper-Writer” . Thorne cites a fascinating Chronicle of Higher Education column entitled “The Shadow Scholar: The man who writes your students’ papers tells his story” This is a class (inequality) issue: those with money can afford to buy entrance to careers, those without…
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