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Ditch TSA? There’s a Congressman’s Proposal I Can Support! »

Florida Representative John Mica sent letters to 100 airports suggesting they replace TSA screeners with private security guards, which they are already allowed to do, according to this article. I’m in favor. It wouldn’t eliminate the screenings, which are still required by law, but you might have friendlier service if screeners thought that customer…
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New TSA Checkpoint Sign »

Ban Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages? Can I Still Mix My Own? »

In yet another example of the nanny state getting out of hand, there is a recent movement afoot to ban the sale of caffeinated alcoholic beverages, as if this is a new issue. This article reports that Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff calls them “killer cocktails,” and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot says they constitute…
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