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The Benefits of TARP »

The Congressional Oversight Panel evaluating the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) concludes “…that the public ‘stigma’ surrounding the Troubled Asset Relief Program has constrained policy choices and may make it politically impossible to take similar rescue actions in the future,” according to this article. The Panel’s report says, “Popular anger against taxpayer dollars going…
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Why Is Gold at a New High? »

The most recent quote reported in the Wall Street Journal (September 15, 2010) values gold at $1,268.50 per ounce, a historic high, albeit unadjusted for inflation. Will rosy expectations never fail to persist? It is certainly true that the expansionary policies currently being pursued by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke auger much higher future rates…
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Interesting Perspective »

Norm Ormstein, AEI scholar and writer of most of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Law (2002), has an interesting observation relating to the success of non-establishment candidates in GOP primaries. “Out go the country-club Republicans like Mitt Romney, in come the grass-roots revolutionaries like Sarah Palin…America just became a lot more ungovernable than it already…
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