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Abolish the TSA »

This latest outrage just reminds us of the folly of government airline security. Supposedly there to protect us against terrorists, the TSA works with police and law enforcement agencies when it detects behavior it deems suspicious—which in many cases can lead to crackdowns on victimless crimes or invasions into the private lives of travelers….
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C. S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism, Part 3 (Final) »

Here Is the Final Part Continued from Part 2: Part 1 Scientism For Lewis, science should be a quest for knowledge, and his concern was that in the modern era science is too often used instead as a quest by some for power over others. Lewis did not dispute that science is an immensely…
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An Eventual Korean Unification? It’s Complicated… »

… and it’s not going to happen. I attended a conference in Seoul last week, and all outward signs are that the Koreans there view themselves, with those in the North, as a part of one Korean nation, one people, temporarily living under divided government. The people refer to their country as Korea (not…
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