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I Believe Charlie Rangel »

When he says “everybody else does it, too.” Rangel helped create the Rangel Center for Public Service in 2004 to archive his papers and provide what potential donors were told would be a “well-furnished office for Congressman Rangel.” He secured federal earmarks totaling $1.6 million for the center. (His attorneys make clear that this,…
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Carry on Baggage Fees: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? »

From today’s Associated Press: Spirit Airlines: no hitch with carry-on fees By ANDREW VANACORE August 2, 1010 7:06 am EDT NEW YORK — Spirit Airlines’ controversial carry-on fees took effect Sunday, catching some customers unhappily by surprise. But the low-fare carrier contends that the move will cut down on flight delays, potentially allowing Spirit…
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Human Rights and Economic Liberalization »

Robert A. Lawson and I just published our paper “Human Rights and Economic Liberalization” in Business and Politics. The paper can be downloaded here. Here’s the abstract: Using several case studies and data from the Economic Freedom of the World annual report and from the CIRI Human Rights Data Project, we estimate the effect…
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