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Monopoly and the Memphis Riot of 1866 »

Christopher Coyne and I are working on a couple of papers and a short book about the Memphis riot of 1866. The first paper appeared in the Mercatus Center’s Working Papers Series today and is available here; the second paper and the book manuscript will be available…sometime. One of the general themes that’s emerging…
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This Week’s Lighthouse: Oil Spill, Cuba, Constitutions, Gaza »

This week’s Lighthouse (available online here) touches on the Gulf oil gusher (William F. Shughart II); political reform in Cuba (Alvaro Vargas Llosa); F. A. Hayek on the limits of constitutional design (Scott A. Boykin); and Israel’s blockade of Gaza (Ivan Eland). Here are links to the individual items: 1. How to Prevent an…
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