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Tax the Productive »

Hillary Clinton made the news a week or so ago by saying the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes, echoing statements President Obama has made since his presidential campaign. But the remedy they recommend is to raise income tax rates on high-income earners. That’s not taxing the rich, it’s taxing the productive….
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The Pursuit of Justice and Elected vs. Appointed Judges »

In my earlier post I outlined the way that economics is applied to analyze incentives in the legal system. The most fruitful area of research in this vein, and arguably the most important one, has focused on the behavior of judges. Unlike consumers and producers in market settings, the relevant incentives for judges’ behavior…
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Alvin Greene and Making Sausage »

This November, SC Senator Jim DeMint (GOP) will be facing Alvin Greene (D) in the General Election. Greene defeated four-term state lawmaker Vic Rawl in the Democratic primary. Greene got 59 percent of the vote. Greene was recently booted out of the US Army, does not have a job, lives with his parents, and was arrested in…
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