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Why a Stock Analyst Saw Through the “Hockey Stick” Hoax »

Attending the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change, I was surprised by the response Stephen McIntyre, primary author of the Climate Audit blog, and early exposer of Michael Mann’s fraudulent “hockey stick” graph (and continuing exposer of the numerous additional “hockey sticks“), gave to a question as to how he got involved in this…
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Why Beauty Matters with Roger Scruton »

In an excellent article in the American Spectator, British philosopher and author Roger Scruton discusses his superb new documentary, Why Beauty Matters, that has recently been shown on the BBC. Scruton incisively examines the importance of beauty in the arts and our lives, including fine arts, music, and architecture. In the process, he illuminates…
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“Common Objections to Capitalism” in Copenhagen »

Art Carden speaking @ In Defense of Capitalism conference from Nicki Brøchner on Vimeo.