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New Versions of Two Papers Online »

I just found out that my paper “Economic Progress and Entrepreneurial Innovation: Case Studies from Memphis” was accepted by the Southern Journal of Entrepreneurship. The revised version is here. The abstract: Entrepreneurial innovation encourages economic progress, and an institutional climate that encourages risk taking, rewards success, and weeds out failure is essential to a…
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Census Forms Hand Delivered? »

This afternoon, a government employee drove out to our house (12 miles from town on a dirt road, back a long muddy driveway) to hand deliver a census form. I asked him why they didn’t mail it (surely it cost the government more than 44 cents to get him out here in his SUV)….
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When Krugman Was Good »

Relatively speaking, of course. It’s easy to forget that Paul Krugman was once a sensible thinker, at least in some areas. From a lengthy New Yorker profile: Krugman’s tribe was academic economists, and insofar as he paid any attention to people outside that tribe, his enemy was stupid pseudo-economists who didn’t understand what they…
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