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The Left Called the U.S. Government Fascist, Too »

And the media and respectable liberals were not nearly as hysterical about this. Of course, there was a kernel of truth to the left’s descriptions of Bush as a fascist, and there is truth to the criticism of the Obama administration as fascist. It is incoherent to say one is true and not the…
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The Broken Window Fallacy »

Here’s an excellent (and short) video of Tom Palmer discussing the Broken Window Fallacy (HT: Steve Horwitz). It’s a venerable fallacy, but it’s one from which I hope we might be recovering. A couple of quick Google searches couldn’t turn up anyone saying that the recent earthquake in Haiti will be good for Haitian…
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How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the FBI »

At the close of World War I, the federal government created the General Intelligence Division, an agency that eventually morphed into the modern FBI. One of GID’s main tasks was to compile a list of hundreds of thousands of radicals—socialists, anarchists, labor activists and antiwar agitators. Thousands were arrested for being suspected Communists. Hundreds…
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Q&A on Obamacare »

A few days ago, via e-mail correspondence, I answered some queries about the new health-care-insurance law put to me by Marina Galisova, a reporter for the Slovak weekly magazine Tyzden. It seems that this interview has formed the topic of an article in the magazine, although I cannot be sure because I cannot read Slovak. In…
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Some Lessons from Easter »

This week is the most holy for Christians, as we commemorate Jesus’ trials, scourging, crucifixion, and triumph three days later over the Roman Empire’s most fearsome weapon: death. Christians and non-Christians alike can take many worthy lessons from these events. As occupying forces, the Romans were terrified of violent insurgents, especially during the Passover…
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Economics and More on Twitter »

I joined Twitter a few months ago; you can follow me here. Here’s an interesting article on the effective use of Twitter. I just made a note to myself to give Twitter assignments in my classes this Fall (“use exactly 140 characters to explain X”). Cross-posted at Division of Labour.

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Obamacare Is Unconstitutional »

In a new interview with Ashley Martella on Newsmax TV, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano discusses the current court challenges to Obamacare. He details why the health care reform just adopted by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama is unconstitutional and the U.S. Supreme Court will strike down major portions of it….
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Nothing Outside the State: Part II »

In a recent post at The Beacon, I sketched the vast expanse of economic and social life that state functionaries (at all levels and in all departments and agencies of government) reach by their direct participation, regulation, surveillance, or manipulation by means of taxes and subsidies. No such sketch, however, can convey the actual…
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Robert Higgs on Booms, Busts and Bad Predictions »

Robert Higgs is interviewed here by Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio. They discuss the economic baloney of mainstream economists, the failure of most to understand the potential for mass inflation given the money supply currently sitting around in bank reserves, the reality of the business cycle and the politicians’ and media’s failure to grasp…
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Tunnel of Oppression: Communist Theme Park »

Over at my academic freedom blog, I posted news of a Communist Theme Park in Lithuania. On college campuses, there is a “tunnel of oppression” movement to teach young people how awful this country has been to just about everyone. Here is a link to my blog:  Communist Theme Park @ Yahoo! Video Link…
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