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Maybe It Should be Renamed the Darwin Peace Prize »

Each year, the Darwin awards are bestowed—generally posthumously—upon those who “improve” the gene pool by removing themselves from it through acts of incredible stupidity. Recent Nobel Peace Prize awards increasingly appear to share the criteria that its recipients contribute to “improving” the gene pool by removing large numbers of people from it. Unfortunately, in…
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Bernanke’s Big Bank Subsidy »

Until October 2008 bank reserves held by the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) paid no interest. Banks are required to keep some of their deposits on reserve, but it was costly to keep excess reserves because they earned no interest. For a bit more than a year now the Fed has been paying interest on…
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Threatening War with Iran »

Obama, having acted in his early presidency like he would depart from his predecessor’s Iran policy, and having actually provided gestures of actual change in his diplomatic tone, has reverted back to the standard establishment approach. His administration is promising a new round of crushing sanctions. Of course, so much of the propaganda in…
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