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“Not-So-Silent”: Coolidge and Civil Rights »

After writing Race and Liberty in America: The Essential Reader (2009), I’ve bumped into a few articles that come to the same unorthodox conclusions about individuals I profile in my “race reader.” One such “unorthodox” column appeared in the Wall Street Journal on 25 November 2009. In “Not-So-Silent Cal Wrote with Eloquence,” Ryan Cole…
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Lord Monckton and Greenpeace Campaigner at U.N. Copenhagen Conference »

Lord (Christopher) Monckton interviews a Greenpeace-campaigner at the U.N. conference in Copenhagen on the actual science of global warming.

More on Climategate and the Alarmist Hoax »

In a December 13th article in the London Daily Mail, David Rose reveals more details from Climategate (or “Warmergate” for some) on how scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and elsewhere deliberately distorted the data and subsequent IPCC graphs. Rose discusses the new findings by Steve McIntyre that are posted…
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