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Congress’s Accelerating Dereliction of Duty »

How seriously Congress has ever taken its responsibility to serve as a “check and balance” against the powers of the executive and judicial branches of the U.S. government is debatable, but it has certainly run pell-mell from those clearly delineated responsibilities in the past several decades: abdicating its sole power to declare war, enabling…
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Climate Conspiracy: U.K., U.S. “ClimateGates” »

My friends at have posted on the “Climate Conspiracy” that broke when hackers revealed global warming scientists had apparently manipulated data, organized attacks on skeptics, and much more. Surprise, surprise. The timing couldn’t be worse for those who would cripple economies with the plaintive cry: “Do as we say or we all die!”…
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America’s Growing Black Market: Freedom in Action »

The Christian Science Monitor has a neat little piece on America’s burgeoning shadow economy: Perhaps the biggest surprise about America’s shadow economy is its size. Long associated with colorful street hawkers in the developing world, the shadow economy makes up a larger portion of the economies of countries like Greece (25 percent) or Mozambique…
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