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Original TV Production of The Prisoner Is Now Online »

Especially with AMC’s flawed and disappointing, recent remake of The Prisoner, the celebrated, libertarian, metaphysical TV series that was created by and starred the late Patrick McGoohan (originally having aired from 1967 to 1968), it is great news indeed that the entire original version is now available online. As a result, here is the…
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Victims of the Tax State: The Singing Nun »

Shortly after the Kennedy assassination, a most unlikely celebrity bested the Beatles on the charts. She was Sister Luc Gabriel (Jeanine Deckers), better known as “The Singing Nun.” Deckers had joined a Belgian convent in 1959. The songs she wrote and performed (particularly “Dominique,” a salute to the founder of her religious order) proved…
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A Reader’s Guide to Bernanke’s Preemptive Attack »

Ben Bernanke is taking no chances. With his confirmation hearing for continuation as chairman of the Federal Reserve System only days away, he has written an op-ed for publication in Sunday’s Washington Post. We may interpret this article as a preemptive attack on his congressional critics, some of whom will no doubt take the…
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The “Scientific” Fraud of Climate Doomsday Mongering »

With the Climategate revelations, momentum is definitely building against the credibility of the climate doomsday mongering, but will it be enough to derail the juggernaut for global warming statism? As the Wall Street Journal has noted in its November 27th editorial, “Rigging a Climate ‘Consensus’”: The furor over these documents is not about tone,…
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Torture Renders Suspects Unfit for Trial »

In a tragic piece of irony: When five defendants are brought before a New York federal judge to face charges for the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the first question may be whether some of them are competent to stand trial at all. Military lawyers for Ramzi Binalshibh, an accused organizer of the…
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Was Nature’s Publication of Higgs’s Peer Review Critique a Call for Help? »

The ClimateGate emails exposing leading global warming activist scientists’ efforts to game the peer review system of scientific journals to suppress findings contrary to those serving their own interests makes one wonder whether Nature Magazine’s publishing Robert Higgs’s commentary regarding the vulnerability of the peer review system might not have been a proverbial cry…
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Will the Real Rate of Unemployment Please Stand Up »

As the recession has deepened and the rate of unemployment has risen, a number of commentators have sought, for various reasons, to portray the situation as far graver than the “official” rate of unemployment indicates. Some of these commentators charge that the government is deliberately misrepresenting the amount of unemployment and that the “real”…
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They Blinded Us With Science: Alex Berezow on the Not-So-New “Science Presidency” »

[One of my fellow bloggers at, Alex Berezow, posted a lengthy post on how the Obama Left is just a change in fashion when it comes to science policy: “Right-wing anti-science policies are out; left-wing anti-science policies are in,” Berezow writes. Read the abridged version of his post below.] Alex Berezow is a…
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Saturday Night Live Lampoons Obama »

Saturday Night Live lampoons Barack Obama and his reckless and gargantuan, federal government spending and debt mongering in their recent skit of a joint press conference with Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao, “China Wants Its Money Back”:

Congress’s Accelerating Dereliction of Duty »

How seriously Congress has ever taken its responsibility to serve as a “check and balance” against the powers of the executive and judicial branches of the U.S. government is debatable, but it has certainly run pell-mell from those clearly delineated responsibilities in the past several decades: abdicating its sole power to declare war, enabling…
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