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Contest to Reward Essays about Government Parasitism »

The 2010 Sir John M. Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest is underway. Open to college students (undergraduates and grad students) and untenured college teachers from around the world, the contest will award a total of $26,500 in prize money for the best essays addressing a question prompted by political economist Frederic Bastiat. “Everyone wants to…
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Taxed if You Do, Taxed if You Don’t »

Federal, state and local taxes customarily are due when you choose to do something, such as buy a pack of cigarettes, a gallon of gasoline, a new set of tires, a bottle of liquor or wine, a bracelet or a ring, or take a job and earn income. No tax is due if you…
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How Far We’ve Slid »

It’s now, relatively speaking, a “victory” for civil liberties that Obama is reverting to the Bush detention policy, rather than adopting an even worse policy.