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Military Blogs: The First Pages of History »

As an instructor of online history courses, I have many students overseas (Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq, Saudi Arabia). The Internet connects them to me (and to the rest of us). The stories I could relate are fascinating and make teaching online courses all the more rewarding. Moreover, as an instructor I know that I’m helping those…
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We Can’t Afford an $856 Billion Health Reform »

I debated with myself whether I should even post this blog, because the statement I made in the title seems so obvious. Yet that’s what Sen. Max Baucus has proposed, and it’s under serious consideration. President Obama has forecast annual budget deficits in excess of a trillion dollars as far out as forcasts are…
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Race and Development »

The always-excellent William Easterly has a great post entitled “How the British Invented ‘Development’ to Keep the Empire and Substitute for Racism.” After doing a lot of reading on the development of ideological justifications for slavery in the US and after searching through the papers of the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention…
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