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Why is the Senate in the Tourism Business? »

The Senate yesterday voted to charge international travelers a $10 fee to help pay for a new nonprofit corporation that would promote tourism in the United States. See here. A reasonable person could be forgiven for wondering why the Senate is even bothering with such minutiae, as well as questioning the economic wisdom of…
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The Public Option: The President’s Analogy »

In President Obama’s address on health care reform to Congress last night (September 9) he argued for a public option to private health insurance as an alternative, to compete with private insurers and give them an incentive to be responsive to their customers. Some critics have argued that with the advantages of government backing…
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Why Does Health Insurance Cost So Much? »

In direct contrast to Barack Obama’s nationally televised talk on his government-mandated health care plan, here is John Stossel’s recent, very incisive, special segment on ABC-TV’s 20/20, “Health Care Mystery: What’ll That Cost?”, in which he examines government-created third-party payers and asks why it is so hard to find out what health care actually…
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