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ObamaCare Speech: I’m Radical and Mad as Hell »

Dateline: September 9, 2009: Obama speech (as I watch): From the lips of POTUS . . . Introduction: Insurance companies are evil but I do not want to put them out of business. (Huh? After listening to the litany of insurance company evildoing, any sane person would put them out of business.) Middle section:…
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A Lesson in Politics from Hubert Humphrey »

In 1971 Hubert Humphrey was running for president (again; but lost the Democratic nomination to George McGovern), and I was an economics major at the University of Florida. Humphrey was giving a campaign speech on campus and I went to listen. Humphrey was facing a very rowdy crowd which was so loud in its…
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America’s Militaristic Culture »

My favorite Francophilic American blogger, Arthur Goldhammer, defends the French tradition of military parades. The US, he argues, actually has a more militaristic culture. It’s true that one doesn’t often see armor rolling down Pennsylvania Ave. . . . It’s more common in America to lament ostentatiously the sacrifices of “our men and women…
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