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To Serve and Obstruct »

Even when no one is being accused of a criminal act, even when someone is in need of medical assistance, the police coming to the rescue are at best an unpredictable mixed bag. In Kansas, police forced a woman to stop giving CPR to her toddler grandson. The family thinks the kid might have…
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Obama in the Classroom »

Many of the biggest critics of Obama’s address to the nation’s public school students today backed off at the last minute. Newt Gingrich, Laura Bush and Jim Greer ultimately endorsed the speech, with Gingrich pointing out that Republican presidents have done similar things before. Apparently, the critique for many was that Obama would try…
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Obama or Palin: The Neocons Win Either Way »

If you think that Obama and Palin are polar opposites, think again. As Mark Brady points out, Obama has pretty much endorsed their world policing agenda through his Afghan surge. So too has Sarah Palin. In an open letter, the heroine of the town-hall rabble rousers embraces Obama’s Afghan policy, albeit adding some gentle…
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