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Jo Van Fleet Shrugs (Anti-Government Speech in Wild River) »

Rand or Rothbard couldn’t have done a better job. This speech (watch YouTube here) has it all for libertarians. It comes from a character in Elia Kazan’s film Wild River (1960), who is fighting a land grab by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Delivered beautifully by actress Jo Van Fleet, the speech blasts FDR’s New…
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C.S. Lewis on the Evil and Corruption of Theocracy »

To follow up on my recent blog posting, “Obama’s New Theocracy,” and now with the brutal crackdown and news blackout by Iranian government officials on the huge peaceful protests of the corruption and repression in Iran (see here, here, here and here), C. S. Lewis’s discussion of the enormous dangers from theocracy (faith-based statism)…
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