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Swine Flu Is the Health of the State »

Statists across the spectrum are playing up the swine flu as more evidence that we need more state action and government power. Liberals see it as an excuse for more public health programs. Conservatives see it as a reason for clamping down on the border (not just conservatives — a Democratic Congresswoman has called…
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Alex Tabarrok on the Coming Good Times »

A few months back, Alex Tabarrok, the Independent Institute’s visionary Director of Research, spoke at TED on the prospects for long-run economic progress. His theme: ideas trump economic crises. (You can now see his talk online here.) The continuation of global economic integration, he explained, will bring more and more benefits to ordinary people…
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A New Civil Rights Fight in Montgomery (Property Rights Abuse) »

On Wednesday, Alabamans who have charged violations of their property rights by local governments can bring their complaints to a public forum in Montgomery sponsored by the State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. In this story from the Tuscaloosa News, I provide some specifics on the people who will appear:…
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