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A Torture State We Can Believe In »

As more evidence of the bipartisan torture state, Nancy Pelosi denies having known about waterboarding, although she was briefed on such “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Anti-Police Sentiment Grows in U.K. »

Finally some good news. The British are upset with the police state protection of the G-20 summit, and police there are worried about the public relations backlash. In America as well as Britain, the police have become increasingly criminal, lawless and brutal in their enforcement of an increasingly long list of immoral, unjust laws….
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Obama Lied, People Died »

One of the few key factors that differentiated Obama from McCain (and, for that matter, from Hillary Clinton), was his position on Iraq. Prior to becoming a Senator, he opposed the Iraq war at a crucial moment — before the bombs began falling. He had a mixed record at best on war voting as…
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Obama Wants Your Guns »

And although the political dynamic might make it somewhat hard to ratchet up gun control through legislation, Chuck Baldwin warns about a possible threat to gun rights through international treaty. The best thing he could do for Latin America, of course, is to stop meddling and end the drug war. But Obama is the…
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