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Now Playing: The Independent Review in State of Play »

In State of Play, the new murder-mystery-thriller film set in the midst of the corruption of Washington politics, invasive war making, defense-contract cronyism, and the decline of print newspaper journalism, the Independent Institute’s quarterly journal, The Independent Review, is featured in numerous scenes. Based on the BBC’s hit 6-part miniseries, this Universal film stars…
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Economic Calculation in the Environmentalist Commonwealth »

Just in time for Earth Day, here’s “Economic Calculation in the Environmentalist Commonwealth,” under review at the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. The abstract: Do environmental initiatives like carbon accounting provide a viable alternative to monetary calculation based on profit and loss? Economic insights about calculation and imputation suggest that they do not provide…
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Does Regulation Prevent Financial Fraud? »

Predictably, the Bernie Madoff financial scandal has prompted calls for stricter regulation of the investment industry, just as the collapse of the Manhattan Capital hedge fund led to calls, by the Securities and Exchange Commission and others, for new anti-fraud regulations in 2004. If those regulations reduced fraud significantly, they would seem to be…
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