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Obama Circumvents Another Promise »

Despite having promised not to raid medical marijuana facilities operating legally under state law, Obama’s administration yesterday raided a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco. On what basis? Alleged state law violations. Specifically, evasion of state sales taxes. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws notes, “The normal process in such cases…
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Three Hours of Nothing But Higgs! »

It’s official (and about time)! Robert Higgs will be interviewed on C-SPAN In Depth on April 5 (and again on April 6). Three hours of Bob and every book he’s written. Don’t miss it!

Obama’s Sugar-Coated War on Terror »

The “war on terror” is out but of course its substance remains and even expands. The Obama administration has ended the use of Bush’s terminology, but not Bush’s despotic anti-terror policies. The administration will continue indefinite executive detention of terror suspects and others swept up in the guise of anti-terrorism—but it will not call…
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