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Dennis Prager Interviews Robert Higgs »

Syndicated talk show host Dennis Prager interviewed Bob Higgs on Feb. 24. In case you missed it, the lovely production staff sent me this file. After discussing Obama’s stimulus plan and dispelling myths surrounding wartime spending, Prager admits to wanting to fly to Louisiana just to hug Bob. Well worth a listen.

Paul Harvey: A Stilled Voice of the “Old Right” »

When I was seven years old or so growing up in the small town of Albert Lea, Minnesota, Paul Harvey was one of the first voices I heard in the morning. His memorable over-the-top delivery kept me entertained as I gulped down my mother’s signature “mush” (which, contrary to the name, was a tasty…
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Barack Obama and The Road to Serfdom »

In 1944, a book was published that shook the intellectual and political cultures of the Western world. Dedicated to “The Socialists of All Parties,” The Road to Serfdom was authored by the Austrian School economist Friedrich A. Hayek, who subsequently received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974. In his book, Hayek vividly showed…
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