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People Respond to Incentives: Law Enforcement and No-Knock Raids »

Radley Balko has gained some notoreity around the blogosphere for documenting rights violations by police departments conducting military-style drug raids under cover of night. Today, he offered one of the best blog post titles ever: “Tearful Atlanta Cops Express Remorse for Shooting 92-Year-Old Kathryn Johnston, Leaving Her to Bleed to Death in Her Own…
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Excellent Bob Higgs Interview »

Scott Horton interviews Bob Higgs for Antiwar Radio. They discuss “regime uncertainty,” the 1921 depression, the 20’s Fed bubble, regime certainty in the 1940s, the Cold-War buildup, the empire’s winners and losers, trade, the financial crisis, bogus economic models, cartelized ratings, inflation and war, our current prospects, the empire’s prospects, the threats of nationalization…
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