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Rethinking California’s Prisons »

A three-judge panel has tentatively ruled that “[t]he California prison system must reduce overcrowding by as many as 55,000 inmates within three years to provide a constitutional level of medical and mental health care,” according to the New York Times. Taxpayers rightly resent the price tag of the prison system, and many might understandably…
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“Stimulus Package” Parallels »

The “stimulus package” is to sensible economic policy as— military justice is to justice John Maynard Keynes is to F. A. Hayek “I Love Lucy” is to “Much Ado about Nothing” Pat Robertson is to Mother Teresa a shipload of gravel is to the Rock of Gibraltar Reader’s Digest is to Tolstoy’s War and…
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Has “Historians Against the War” Become a Front for the Democratic Party? »

I don’t think so but this is certainly the message communicated by the recent cartoons on the main page of the HAW website.