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“The New Deal Worked”: Why Do So Many People Accept that as Fact? »

Most people, journalists included, accept the notion that the New Deal “worked” to shorten the Depression. Many economists, and to a lesser extent, historians, disagree. Why, then, do criticisms of the New Deal get met with a blank stare akin to stating that the world is flat? Recently, one pundit declared the New Deal success…
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This Guy Could Do Standup! »

I rarely read Paul Krugman’s column, but today I did, because an old friend sent the latest one to me. I gotta tell ya, Krugman could do standup! Really, he’s a riot. Most economists can pass for undertakers, but not this fellow. He’s truly funny. I know I should be kind to him, on…
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Credentialism and Civil Rights in Higher Education »

Over at my FreeU blog, devoted to higher education issues, I posted a column on “Credentialism and Civil Rights in Higher Education.” The dirty little secret of the “diversity” industry is that it doesn’t produce the results: blacks are still graduating at rates far below whites and Asians—and now a college degree is needed for…
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